While in Greece it is difficult not to take pictures of the sea! what is not easy is to make something a bit different. I read in a photo magazine recently that it is interesting to take long shoots of the sea and the movement of the sea will become beautifully blurry, almost foggy.

Ideally it is best to have a filter to reduce the light (can't remember the name). In the few pictures below, I had no filter but I am quite happy about the result. I played a bit with the filters of the Nik Collection to give a bit of style but the result is quite satisfying. On the first two pictures below the aperture is at its lowest (f16) and the shutter speed 1/8 of a second. I particularly like the smoky effect close to the rock on the second picture. For the third pic, the aperture is f14 and the speed at 1/10 of a second.

The sky is a completely burned which is a pity as it is quite beautiful but as there was no clouds, there was nothing to contrast with. 

I strongly recommend to try this technique, it is a really nice way to take original pics of the sea and to capture a little bit of the magic of its movement!