Experience Virtual Reality

and use it for your communication

Dear Friend,

Thanks for visiting this page and congratulation for receiving a Google cardboard . It is a simple and affordable way to experiment Virtual Reality. It was launched last year by Google as a way to democratise Virtual Reality and to give a chance to everyone to experiment the immersive and engaging effect it brings. To know more, check out this excellent article in the FT (with a very good video explaining how to use it).

All you need to do is to download the google cardboard app on your phone (works both for ios and android), put your phone in the cardboard (like in the picture) and start the experience.  


You will see that the immersive effect is really impressive. Combined with your headset the effect is even stronger. I have listed below some interesting pages. But the most interesting, from a communication perspective, comes from watching 360 videos.   

360 videos are now fully integrated in YouTube (see the main channel here). You can play these videos on your computer moving around with the mouse or the keyboard. But more interestingly these videos can be seen from your phone using the cardboard! 

Bernie Sanders, one of the Democrat candidate for the US elections has started to use 360 videos and the results are quite interesting (see here). 


Why am I sending you a cardboard?

The reason I am sending you a Google cardboard is because I think it has a lot of potential for communication and I would like to explore them with you.

Google cardboard is simple, impactful and engaging. The price of a cardboard is between 3 and 10€  and it is very easy to give a personal touch to it (like me with a sticker). It will give your target audience a great experience and will pass a message they will not forget. 

I am personally very excited about this technology and have been experimenting a lot with 360 pictures it in the past months (see below) and I am about to buy a camera that captures 360 videos.

Do you want to know more about Virtual Reality? Do you have any projects where this technology can help to pass your message? Let us meet and discuss how we can use Virtual Reality for your communication.

Contact me at: alexandre@itakamedia.com or 0486339701.


See below a short 360 movie I did with some 360 pictures. The goal for me was to experiment the YouTube 360 hosting platform. If you play the video below, you should see a little circle on the top left, you can navigate in the video by clicking the arrows. According to my tests, you need Google Chrome or Firefox, it does not work with Safari. 

Some 360 pictures of Brussels and around that I turned into a 360 film on YouTube. Use the arrow to navigate in the movies


Here the same 360 pictures played individually from another platform.

The 24h of Zolder. (see the movie I did that day here ).

Place Stéphanie in Brussels.


In order to explore some applications of Virtual Reality, here are some great websites and applications. Keep in mind it is always much better with the cardboard :-)