I was not impressed... that could summarize my impressions from my visit at Art Brussels this weekend. Lots of galeries, most of them with very obscure and minimalistic pieces and a bored arty guy sitting there and playing on his mac (they all had mac! it is part of the uniform!). Somehow I though that was not impressive but had a sort of charm as it was reinforcing all clichés about contemporary art.

And then I saw this this below...   

clean floor? 

What went in my head at that time is hard to describe... I took a picture with the iphone not thinking too much, just trying to capture the intense feelings that were going trough my mind... The picture is bad. I guess there was a message with the letters and I missed it... May be it was funny, had a political message, a deep philosophical meaning, a universal message to all people using dustpans although in that case you can lift lots of dust anymore.

Anyway, sure this galery will not have me as a client and next year, not sure I will make it to Art Brussels.

One last thing from Art Brussels, below a short video I took of a sort of "ghost" with a survival blanket on, of course she was naked below and she was following some random people in the exhibition. Actually next year I might go and just do that :-)