I know Jon for long time but was not completely sure what he was doing! When he asked me to work with him on a video to present his work I was really happy to understand more. Jon is very nice to film, he knows what he wants to say and says it in such a clear way that the editing happened to be relatively easy. 

These video were shot in 4K and as youtube allows you to watch 4K do not hesitate to upgrade the quality.

First video is about a service Jon proposes to leaders in NGOs and the second one is a general presentation.

This video from Positive Development gives an overview of the challenges of Leadership Development in a non-profit organisation. To know more look at: www.positivedevelopment.be

This video is a general presentation of Positive Development, an organisation that helps leaders and teams to be better in their training competences. To know more visit: www.positivedevelopment.be