Last year, we did some videos during an event and prepared them especially to be put on twitter during the event. In order to look professional and have a proper sound we did no use phones but a proper camera hooked to the sound table.

The process is the following: you need to film the event in continuous, when one of the speaker says something you like, you stop the camera, take the SD card, edit the video with an intro, name tag and outro and then publish on twitter immedialtly.  It is not simple but if you are well prepared and keep concentrate that works really well and we managed to get about 10 video tweets. Together with other tweets, the # of the event was trending that day! 

This year, we did the same but put it to an all new level adding subtiles :-) Indeed at an event, people are not listening to videos when they look at twitter and subtitles are making the difference. The process is the same, but during the edit we took some time to add subtitles manually to the video. It requires a good preparation and 2 persons as you always need a second eye for subtitles. But the result was really good and up to our expectations. Again the # of the event was trending and videos helped a lot but that time we are almost sure people knew what the videos were about :-)

Below, some of the tweets we publised: